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Intim Aid Cleanser

Frezyderm Intim Aid Cleanser pH 5.0


Cleaning the sensitive /vulvovaginal area as an alternative to soap, used in cases of local irritation, bacterial vaginitis, fungal infections, urinary tract infections, fluid secretion, itching or odor, menstruation.


• Prebiotics (A-Glucan oligosaccharide): Protects the good bacteria
• Echinacea: It has a broad antimicrobial spectrum and enhances natural defense
• Ethylhexyl Glycerin: Removes odor from bacterial origin
• Mild surfactants: Offer gentle cleansing
• Capryloyl Glycine: Helps maintain acidic pH in sensitive area
• Oat amino acids: They have a soothing and moisturizing effect

How to use:

Apply on wet skin, clean with gentle movements and then rinse.


200 ml