Our Company

After the birth of Bangladesh, a few small scale manufacturers managed to survive and grow the local drug market, but with high dependency on imports & MNCs. A turning point for the local industry appeared when renowned experts of the country formulated and adopted the first National Drug Policy. Within the next 30 years, the country witnessed a phenomenal growth of the pharmaceutical industry. Today our medicines are exported to 144 countries. Nearly 97 percent of the market demand is now met by local products & revenue earned from the pharmaceutical sector accounts for 3% of GDP.


Though we have reached near self-sufficiency in pharmaceuticals in terms of quantities, as a country our next level goal is to reach the quality standards equivalent to that of the strictly regulated first world countries. At the same time, as Bangladesh becomes a middle income country, we also need to prepare as an industry to graduate into an advanced R&D based one.

And this is where DBL conglomerate comes in.

Having established a number of businesses in textile, apparels, textile printing, garment accessories, packaging, ceramic tiles, dredging, ICT and telecommunication sectors with enviable success, particularly driven by DBL’s passion for the most advanced, sustainable and precise technologies, the group decided to enter into the pharmaceutical sector under its diversification plan.

DBL believes in sustainability where People is one of the key pillars and that is why the group wants to step into manufacturing of best-in-class quality medicine by perfecting the technology, one of the finest way to serve the people.

Having that passion for precision in its DNA, DBL Pharma has already set up a State-of-the-Art manufacturing site equipped with machineries from top-notch US & European brands.


DBL Pharma aims to go for an R&D based manufacturing of high quality medicines, including the difficult to-make ones that will meet quality standards of the first world countries.

The reputable conglomerate with vast experience & success, contributing to economy & society, is now ready to sail to the next level of manufacturing business in the pharma sector, where it will get the opportunity to serve the people in need of health & hope - a great service to humanity.