Crack Platoon An Immediate Response By DBL Pharmaceuticals During Lockdown

1 April 2020

At the beginning of Covid-19 pandemic the announcement of a nationwide shutdown of public transport to prevent the spread out of corona has left many doctors having problems with travel – an additional obstacle to corona coping with other limitations.

In order to make it easier for doctors and health care provider to travel to the workplace to deal with corona, as an exceptional initiative ‘Crack Platoon’ started its journey in the capital on April 1, 2020 under the auspices of DBL Pharma with the help of “The Earth Society”. With a fleet of 40 small and large cars and ten minibuses, the platoon has made more than 4,500 trips to more than 100 hospitals in three shifts on 22 routes daily in the last one month since the free health service was launched three times a day on 16 routes. During this time, about 1,800 physicians and health workers have registered 19,204 times on the Crack platoon’s website to receive travel services.

The Crack Platoon service was officially inaugurated by the Director General of Health and M A Jabbar, Managing Director of DBL Pharma. M A Jabbar of DBL Pharma said, “The combined efforts of all are essential to win the war against Corona. DBL’s coming forward from that thought. Like the guerrillas of the 71 Crack platoon, our service will deliver guerrilla commando-style work to the doctors and health workers from the front lines.”

The number of registrations and users has been increasing every day since the start of the journey. Services are also available in case of emergency request outside the scheduled shift or route.

The fleet is made up of Uber registered vehicles and drivers to ensure trained and responsible drivers. DBL pharma carry all the expenses of these rides. This service is already praised by different society.

The initiative received a widespread appreciation from over a thousand professional healthcare providers in the Bangladesh and also helped the country to fight this tough situation.